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MCBE Officers & Directors

Leadership in Action by Businesses Who Care About Their Customers

The Martin County Business Exchange Officers and Directors provide the Leadership and Direction for the Region's Number One Business Organization. Comprised of Business Owners and Managers from the top tier of business professionals in Martin County, these individuals are tasked with forward looking philosophies that their companies to be front-line leaders in Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and Innovative Practices that is often copied but seldom exceeded by other businesses in Martin County. 

Don McIntosh, Board Member

Your MCBE 2024 Officers and Board of Directors
With Committee Chairs

Best Pressure Washing Company in Martin County

Ron Mroz, President

Sue Kinane, VP/Membership Chair

Nicole Greer, Secretary

Referring business to Members of the Martin County Business Exchange helps to pollinate new business and new opportunities for ALL businesses.

Randy Pennington, Treasurer

Jennifer Brown, Speakers Chair

Lenny Anderson, Grievance Chair

Don McIntosh, Board Member

Jeff Bowers, Immediate Past President

If you have questions or comments for your Board President or Officers, please direct your query to the Board President. Your input will be directed by the Board President to the proper person for a response. For example: Membership questions will receive a response from the Membership Chair; Speaker requests will be directed to the Speaker representative. 

Your Number One Source for Reputable Businesses in Martin County

Officers and Board Members of the Martin County Business Exchange are dedicated to serving our members. Feel free to contact your Board with comments and suggestions regarding the Number One Business Organizations in Martin County. 

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