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Expanding the knowledge base for businesses in Martin County is the hallmark of the Martin County Business Exchange. Guest speakers, member presentations, and special events hosted by the MCBE bring new knowledge and business opportunities to our members. Members are not required but strongly urged to speak on a regular basis at the weekly Membership breakfasts. 

Our business communities are made more vibrant and business-friendly by the information that is brought to life and shared by businesses known and trusted -- the Martin County Business Exchange.


We strive to make Members available to speak to groups and organizations as well. If your group or individual business would like one of our experts to speak on a topic of interest, please contact the Martin County Business Exchange today. 

The MCBE welcomes inquiries about presenting/speaking to the Membership. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors. No group, organization, or individual is prohibited from making an inquiry except for those businesses/organizations that are in direct conflict with the current MCBE Membership active categories or Bylaws.


Jenny Fields Martin County Property Appraiser

March 9, 2022 -- FLAGLER CENTER

Martin County Property Appraiser Jenny Fields made the point very clear -- Martin County is alive and vibrant with thousands of new residents AND BUSINESSES moving into our county. According to Fields, "I would say the majority of our new businesses and residents are coming here from counties to the south of us. Yes, we are still seeing a of of retirees coming from out of State to take advantage of our weather and lax tax laws but from a business standpoint, it's a migration from the south to the north."

Special Events

A quaint little outing for Members of the Martin County Business Exchange.

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